Auto Notary Services

Signing Agents for Notarization of Loan Documents

Identify theft and credit fraud takes an astounding toll on U.S. businesses and consumers alike, costing the nation over $50 billion a year. The two crimes are of especial concern to auto dealerships and auto lenders; fraudulent acquisition of an automobile provides criminals with a valuable, and a very mobile and easily-relocated, prize where it’s simple to switch out license plates and disappear in traffic. A fraudulent transaction could prove costly for a dealership when a vehicle drives off the lot without so much as a down payment.

Fraudulent identification documents and contracts for financing are common tools for identity thieves, especially during off-site contract signings. Auto notary services reduce the risk of fraud and speed up the loan process, so you spend less time verifying customer identities for a credit check and more time on the floor securing new clients.

Offsite Automotive Notary Signings

The auto notary controls access to the documents throughout the signing and notarization process to prevent unauthorized tampering throughout the transaction process.

We do not offer emergency notary services, as rushed document execution puts you at increased risk of a fraudulent bill of sale. Instead, we schedule appointments with both your convenience and that of your customers in mind. Offsite automotive notary signing can occur in the borrower’s home, office or even vacation location, at any time of the day or night, seven days a week with our signing agent.

Month’s End Auto Signing Services

Month’s end is traditionally a busy time for auto dealerships. The average dealer is eager to make sales and meet their monthly quotas on new and used inventory, and consumers hope to take advantage of this to negotiate better deals on a car. Every minute a sales representative is off the floor dealing with applications for loans and dealing with paperwork for title transfers or registration cuts into the chance of making another vehicle sale.